BUSFIN 4221 – Investments
(Fall 2016, The Ohio State University)


Instructor:    Andrei S. Gonçalves
E-mail:    Andrei_Goncalves@kenan-flagler.unc.edu
Website:    andreigoncalves.com/BUSFIN4221


Download the complete syllabus here

This course is designed to teach the principles of investment and is divided into two main parts.

The first part (modules 1 to 4) introduces financial markets and details theories associated with the trade-off between risk and return in well-functioning markets. Moreover, it details how the risk vs return paradigm leads to well-defined rules for capital allocation among asset classes and securities, and thus to optimal decisions for portfolio formation.

Most of the principles exposed in the first part implicitly assume that prices are correct. However, for prices to be correct, market participants must know how to price assets in the first place. Therefore, the second part of the course (modules 5 to 7) focuses on general pricing principles applied to two large asset classes: equity and debt. It also introduces derivative securities as a tool for risk management.

Here is a brief overview of concepts and notation used throughout the course. Click on any of the following titles to obtain slides and further details on the respective module:

Module 1 – Introduction to Investments

Module 2 – Portfolio Theory

Module 3 – Factor Models

Module 4 – Market Efficiency

Module 5 – Debt Securities

Module 6 – Equity Securities

Module 7 – Derivative Securities